Our Service

WhatsApp CRM System

Our innovative WhatsApp system is one of the AI customer service solutions that allows businesses to manage leads and customers directly through WhatsAp. Powered by AI chat-bot and automation process, it streamlines communications, automates workflows and captures key data for actionable insights.


Booking System

Our booking solutions enable automated reservations and scheduling for services like accommodations, tours, events and more. Integrate with payment gateways or existing system to provide seamless checkout. Real-time availability and flexible configurations cater to unique business models.

booking app

MLM System

Our specialized multi-level marketing systems handle complex compensation plans, inventory, genealogies and more. Advanced reporting and analytics tools provide visibility to optimize campaigns and reward structures. Customizable


Our portfolio also includes AI / Recognition / ERP / SCM applications, mobile apps, IoT solutions and more to address unique industry/functional needs. We deliver fully-functional systems tailored to specific goals.